Thursday, March 28, 2013

iPad Basics Pt 2: iOS 6 .0.1 Features

 (Only Available with iPad 2, 3 or Mini)

GUIDED ACCESS: This allows you to lock a student into an app. It makes the home/hardware buttons unresponsive. You can also select certain areas on the screen to be unresponsive (this may be useful for those banner ads at the bottom of the app or a button that a student tends to perseverate on).
o Go to Settings, General, Accessibility, Guided Access
o Turn ON
o Set Passcode
o Get out of that screen, open any app
o Triple click home button (screen will shrink)
o Options include: Turning off hardware buttons, turning off touch or turning off motion. If you want to select a certain area, use your finger to circle the area. It will gray out the designated area.
o When finished, press Start. Guided Access is now enabled.
o To exit Guided Access, triple click the home button. This will prompt the passcode keypad. Enter the passcode to exit.

**If you have an iPad 1, you could try the following to hide the home button:
o Bubcaps:
o Use a binder clip
o Use a dime or other coin

SPEAK SELECTION: Text to speech; words can be highlighted as they are spoken aloud. Works with Safari/web browsing, works with most third party apps.
o Go to Settings, General, Accessibility, Speak Selection
o Turn ON
o Options include dialect, speaking rate and highlighting words
o Get out of that screen, open Safari or an app
o Highlight text
o Select Speak and it will read aloud

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