Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apps to Encourage Movement in Children with Physical Disabilities

Noseball: Facial Recognition Game 
Fuego's River Adventure:
Similar to the Wii in that the controller is the person. The controller
moves character by moving various parts of his body
Funny Motion: Insert a picture and transform it into the picture of a ballerina, guitar player,
baseball player, etc.

FastCam $1.99
Possible Use:
Takes pictures likes a sports camera. Use to look at student's walking patterns  or other movement patterns.

Eye Jumper HD: Control the sea creatures using facial detection games
These are only a *few* of the apps that are available.  Please also check out the following apps as well on the iTunes market:
Tabata Timer
Coach's Eye
Slow Motion Player
Motion Analyzer

*List was compiled by KSW 2013

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