Sunday, April 28, 2013

Inquiry and Project Based Learning In Early Intervention

As a teacher of the visually impaired with a certification in assistive technology working in an early intervention consulting model, project based learning and inquiry based learning puts much of the problem solving in the hands of the family members that care for the child with disabilities.

During the home visit, I discuss current issues that are hindering their child from participating in the their daily routines, but instead of telling them what strategies would be appropriate, I could ask them an inquiry based question and have them research some solutions by reading resources on my Scoop.It Page before our next visit. I would then intentionally curate topical resources on my Scoop.It page that I know would be helpful. Then, during my next home visit, we could review the resources and strategies from the Scoop.It page that the family collected and find the best solution as a team.

The inquiry based learning model in early intervention would ideally happen in this  way:
1. Ask an inquiry based problem/question for the family to solve between visits.
2. Curate appropriate resources on the Scoop.It page for parents to investigate between visits.
3. Create a strategy works based on specialist's curated resources at the next visit.
4. Give the strategy or created implementation and try.  Then discuss the outcome.
5.  Let the family reflect on what worked/didn't work.

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