Saturday, April 20, 2013

Today's Blended Teacher: Week One Resources

This has been amazing first week in my Massive Online Open Classroom course on Today's Blended Teacher.  My brain is swelling with new information.  I think the best skill I have acquired this week is the professional ability to "curate" resources to benefit my students and their families.  With my art background and my love for knowledge, finding purposeful information to increase a child's educational experience is crucial to being an effective blended teacher.  Today on the blog, I share with you 3 great resources on the definition and baseline of blended learning in a nutshell.

Week 1: What does Blended Learning Look Like

Blend My Learning-Resource for Blended Learning -Website, Blogs, Twitter
Blended Learning In Plain English-Youtube Video on the evolution of blended learning
A Special Educator's Experience with Blended Learning-a special education teacher reflects on his year working in a blended model
Videos on the Basics of Blended Learning-a great, short video on the models of blended learning

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