Friday, July 5, 2013

iPad App(s) of the Week: Answers: YesNo

This week I have been working extensively on the iPad and iPhone app Answers: YesNo.  I have been using this app to decipher whether children with visual impairments, communication impairments, and motor impairments are communicating the difference between Yes/No and visually discriminating between pictures to make choices.  This is also a great app to determine whether a child with a visual impairment might be a good candidate for a more dynamic AAC device like the Dynavox Maestro.

One of the many features I love about this app is how it re-enforces the user on  his or her choices.  The user is initially presented with the photographs of objects or symbols.

After the user makes a choice, the app will enlarge the photo of the choice that was chosen in a separate display.
  The best feature of this app is by far the flexibility and adaptability of the visual display.  The therapist, parent, or caregiver can change the color of the button, record a sound associated with the picture, and word corresponding word.  This a great feature for children with cortical visual impairments and low vision.

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