Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Video Modeling for Children with Visual Impairments

In the last month, I have witnessed the benefit of seeing how video modeling can be useful for children with a visual processing issue or low vision to learn  necessary early communication skills.   In the world of special education, video modeling is known to be useful for children with Autism and Asperger's syndrome.  Video modeling is defined as a way of observational learning in which the desired behavior is acquired via video. 

 However, I  have noticed how video modeling on the iPad and iPhone can help children with low vision as well.  Depending on the child's visual needs, I would suggest a therapist or teacher using an iPad over an iPhone when initially exploring this teaching strategy considering the vast difference in screen size.  When exploring visual modeling with a child with a visual impairment pay attention to the following:

 1. Make sure the brightness settings on your iPad are adapted for the student/user's visual needs.
2. When video taping, keep in mind that the focus of the video needs to be on the person performing the desired behavior or communication skill.  Make sure the child, adult or peer models are wearing muted colors and the walls are free of excess visual clutter.

 Students can learn these desired skills in one of four ways:

1. The child watching themselves complete a task
2. The child watching a peer complete a task.
3. The child watching a video of an adult completing a desired outcome.
4. The video providing feedback for a child's performance (mostly for older children).

The video below was used to teach a child on my caseload with a developmental delay and cortical visual impairment how to sign:

Beth Waite, SLP-CCC recently presented a webinar on iPad apps to use to teach video modeling through  AbleNet University.  She suggested the following apps to help capture and present video modeling for users of all ages:

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