Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My FavoriteTobii ATI Products (Eye-gaze hardware and software)

  It has been a professional goal of mine to reach out to more vendors and software developers to learn more about their products and enhance more partnerships between the Assistive Technology Specialists and the people creating and selling the products.  Last week I had a great opportunity to meet up with Mckenzie Sauser, our local Tobii ATI Representative for St. Louis and Kansas City to get an update on the latest on Tobii Products.

For those of you new to the Tobii ATI technologies, creates Augmentative Alernative Communication software, apps and devices.  They specifically specialize in eye-gaze tracking enabled communication and computer access for those with extremely limited motor movements.  Below is a list of my favorite Tobii software and eye gaze devices that McKenzie reviewed with me last week. Please click the links below each photo to go explore more about each product on the Tobii website.

I love the Tobii I-Series because it gives users with high functional cortical visual impairment and very limited motor control another option for possible communication.  I have found that many children with multiple disabilities including those with high functional cortical visual impairment can sometimes be successful with an eye gaze series as their visual processing levels increase.  Since these types of users are fighting their muscle tone on a daily basis, their functional vision can sometimes be the most functional way to access communication.  However, I would recommend that the IFSP/IEP team work with the student on eye gaze training using eye gaze training apps such as Sensory Light room to assess the accuracy of the child's visual targeting skills.
PC Eye Go

The PC Eye Go is mostly for users who mostly work with their laptops.  I love that Tobii has created a customizable piece of hardware that makes any PC or laptop eye gaze accessible with the addition of the PC Eye Go.

Sono Primo is a great software for young users who are learning more abstract graphical images (line drawings) through whole part concepts, social stories, symbols and problems solving games.


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