Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Android App Review: Jab Talk

I am becoming very familiar with the world of Android Apps this week.  There are some great apps out there on Android that are not getting as much attention that are great for kids who are learning to use Augmentative Alternative Communication, Visual Schedules, Magnifiers, Switches,and more.  Here is one that will promise to not disappoint, especially as this app seems to support several aspects of Universal Design for Learning.

1. JabTalk (click here for more information and videos about this app)

JabTalk is an Alternative Augmentative Communication Device for Children with Special Needs.  Much like Answers YesNo and My First AAC on the iPad, JabTalk is a very intuitive and affordable app for early and alernative communicators.  Here are a few of its's best features:

  • Supports Text to Speech
  • Users have ability to resize pictures
  • Heptic feedback (vibration) when touching a word for immediate physical feedback
  • Encourage Sentence Building
  • Users can use icons from Google Images
Go check it out.  Android app developers are continuing to make apps that are effective for all kinds of learners.  It is exciting to see!


  1. Hi Julie,
    I came across your blog while working on JabTalk for a community centre using a $220 Android tablet. Good on you for setting up this blog.
    I am a volunteer from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently looking at a basic CM = Communication Board - for an orphanage in Myanmar/Burma - which has to be cheap, versatile - both active and passive - given that the mains power there is un-reliable. The CM can be as simple as a 'picture board' with images/pictographs/photos/clipart etc to assist the clients to communicate , either with the teacher's assistance , pointer , prompting or by the client - if mobility permits. What can you recommend for such a 'device' ,. given that it would be an asset , if it could be used as a learning aid as well, and meet the various spectrum of disabilities - physical, congenital, etc e.g. cerebral palsy, accidents, birth defects etc. I say active/passive 'cos it would be good to have a light (LED ) at the minimum, as feedback and motivation to the user. And adaptability to use various type of switches to suit the level of disability - for the active, version. Last but not least, best if the local community can literally make it themselves..
    Thanks in advance,

    PS: My background is in Electronics/Computing Science and currently a Program Manager and have been volunteering for 20 yrs.
    Soon Lye Chan

    1. Hi Soon!
      Wow, you are doing an amazing service!

      If I were you since the power is faulty and you have a small budget, I would consider looking at an Eye Gaze Board:
      Below is a Pinterest page full of examples and links to No-Tech Eye Gaze Boards that can easily be adapted for a variety of kids in the orphanage. Then to increase the child's visual attention, I would consider shinting a flashing on the picture choices.

      Please feel free to e-mail me directly at julieann.johnson00@gmail.com if you have any more questions. I hope this helps you.


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