Wednesday, July 24, 2013

iPad App Review: My First AAC

My First AAC for the iPad is one of the best Augmentative Communication Apps (AAC) for beginning non- traditional communicators.  It is the most dynamic and flexible of all the AAC apps for the price.  For the tiny of cost of $24.99, this app includes some great features, including:
-Intuitive, child-oriented design
-250 Icons

This app allows for therapists and teachers to customize the settings for the needs of the user, including choosing between boy and girl voice output options, 2-8 icon layout option, and the option to record personal information about the child in the default settings in order to make the use of this device the most natural in social situations to an early communicator and AAC user.

Teachers and therapists can also customize icons for the child and store them in the "my icons"
section of the iPad.

the teacher of therapist can also choose between a variety of icons and categories that represent the natural language development of children.

Please let me know if any of you have ever used this app and what your experiences have been.
I have loved it for my younger non-traditional communicators on my caseload.

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