Thursday, July 18, 2013

Low Vision Devices for Children

As I continue to become more and more familiar with the world of low vision devices for children with 0-5 years old, I have began integrating "off the shelf" magnifiers into some of my student's routines at work and at school.  Recently, I inquired with a low vision ophthalmologist about  getting some basic magnifiers to keep in my car to begin introducing them to students who might be future users of magnifiers after a low vision examination .  I play "seek and find" games with both the hand held magnifiers I purchased at Target and the iPhone/iPad apps.  However,  I wanted to go a little bit more in depth in this entry about the other options out there.

*Please note before purchasing any low vision device or magnifier, it is recommended and strongly encouraged get into touch with an ophthalmologist that specializes in low vision evaluations for prescription.*  This blog entry is just a way to share with other professionals, therapists, and parents the magnification options that exist for children.

Handheld Magnifier:
  • Easy to handle
  • Children can determine the best viewing distance between the magnifier and the activity
  • Built-in lights and illumination add to magnification quality
  • Child must possess good hand-eye coordination

Stand Magnifier:

  • Offers the stability to the child
  • Good for children who require higher rates of magnification
  • Good for beginners
  • Option of built-in illumination

Moncular Telescope:
  • Can easily bring the image of an object that is several feet away look as though it is within inches of the viewer.
  • Good for daily living skills and reading and writing activities in the classroom
  • Requires extensive training from a TVI and/or Low Vision Therapist on target control and focusing features.

Dome Magnifier
  • Stand magnifier that specifically doubles the magnification for users who typically use distance magnification
  • 1.8x is the only available magnification power
  • Easy to user
  • Lo-Tech

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