Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Education for All

Since I consult with both parents, teachers, and therapists who work with children with visual impairments and other special needs, I think it is important for everyone interacting with a child with special needs to understand the basic components of Universal Design for Learning.

The Natioanl Assoication for Education for Young Children (NAEYC) defines Universal Design for Learning as an approach  instead of creating a curriculum and then adapting it to meet the needs of individual children in the program, it is better to start off with an instructional design which provides
learners with a variety of ways to access and process information and demonstrate what they have learned” (Blagojevic, Twomey, & Labas 2002).

With the Common Core Curriculum being adopted into most state schools, the understanding for this approach to learning is critical.  Below are some great scholarly articles and resources on the basic components of UDL (Universal Design for Learning):

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