Wednesday, August 14, 2013

iPad App Review: Trucks HD

Trucks HD, created by Duck Duck Moose is a multi-tiered app for a learner at every developmental level.  The pictures are simple and high contrast and the trucks in app are big, making it easy for the child with developing fine motor skills to maneuver.  This app also features 4 different opportunities for the child to learn key concepts about trucks and cars, including:  towing a car to a tire show, rolling a car through a car wash, sorting garbage for the recycling truck, and dumping with a bulldozer at a construction site.

Language Development Activitiy:
This iPad app is perfect for the pre-school age learner in your home who is beginning to learn whole part and language concepts through active learning opportunities.  This app is a great way to pre-teach a child about any of the above stated concepts before they experience the event for the first time either as a family or educational field trip.  Following the field trip, the caregiver could then have the child recall the real life experience of the field trip by having him or her retell their favorite parts of the field trip as the student completes the activity in the app for the second time, as a post-teaching learning opportunity.

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