Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iPad App Review: KidZongs App

KidZongs Apps is a very simple app for the student or child that needs a limited amount of song options within an app for communication and educational purposes. The KidZong apps offers the user 6 different songs with a large, accessible menu to possibly increase the child's ability to directly access his or her song choice from menu.  Currently, KidZongs offers ABCs, 3 Little Monkeys, 12345,  Row, Row, Row Your Boat, the Incy Wincy Spider, or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Additionally, the app also gives the user the option to sing the song with the children's voices within the app or only the melody.  It is a great app for a child that is learning to make familiar choices.

For the child who cannot see or has limited access the app directly consider the following adaptations:

  • For the child who has no vision but needs the limited song options:  use object symbols for the song choices on the app and possibly placing them on a basic AAC Device such as a Twin Speak or iTalk2 or a  Eye Gaze Board.

  • For the child with limited  physical access but a solid understanding of line drawing picture symbols, consider taking a screen shot of the song symbols and cutting them out individually so the child can make choices on an AAC Device or Eye Gaze Board. For added contrast and texture, consider adding puff paint or Wikki Stix around the picture icons as seen below:

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