Thursday, September 19, 2013

iPad Switch Access

As I began to update my iPad and iPhone devices this morning , I began to ask more and more questions to the professionals in my field about the best switch that could be used with the iPad and iOS 7. So I owe a huge shout out to Amber Bobnar of, Annie Simms an AT Specialist who answered quite a few of my questions on the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Listserv, and the Apple accessibility specialists.  So after spending the better part of the last two days putting my brain around the world of iPortals and reliable switches that work with the iPad, I wanted to share a few resources that were shared with me today by the collaborative work of educational and assistive technology specialists, therapists, and parents that I am surrounded by day to day and within the interweb.  The great thing about technology is that we are all always learning the new software and programs together.  It is what makes national software updates fun.  We are all in this learning experience together.

To get to the resources below, please click the link below the picture.

                   iPad Wireless Switch

                             Blue 2 iPad Switch

                        Bluetooth Switch Interface

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