Tuesday, September 17, 2013

iPad App Review: Sago Mini Doodlecast

Sago Sago's Doodlecast is a creative app for any child ages 3-8 who likes to draw pictures and tell stories.  This app is particularly helpful because each picture in the app is a question, thus creating opportunities for a child to work on their expressive language abilities, especially their ability to answer "WH" questions.  See the picture below:

The app also has a video feature that allows the user to record the visual and auditory information within each drawing activity.  Please see video below:

How to adapt this app for a child with special needs:
For a child with special needs, this app would require quite a bit of facilitation from a paraprofessional, parent, caregiver or teacher.  However, when this app is presented appropriately to meet the child's accessibility needs, the child with special needs might have quite a bit of fun using this app.  Here are three very general ways to adapt the instructional design of this app for a child with special needs:

1. For a child who uses picture cards to expressively communicate, consider using a picture card app on the iPhone to help the child answer the questions.  Possibly consider embedding the child's picture cards within the app, especially if the child is unable to draw.

 2.  For a child with physical accessibility and communication limitations, consider using the child's AAC device with appropriate icons to answer the question with an appropriate array of choices.

3. Make it a social experience for everyone.  Pairing a child up with a peer to complete these sort of creative activities would make the use of these technologies three dimensional.  In the end kids want to have fun with their peers. With the use of the appropriate instructional design mentioned above, this app could be a positive social experience for both peer and student with special needs.

How would you adapt this app for your child or student with special needs?  

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